Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nutcha Thongcham.

​I was born in Thailand and have been a practitioner of the Thai Traditional Way for many years which uses nature's way to heal. I come from a family that used

​many herbs heal illnesses. My father was a Traditional Healer and I learned most of what I know from him growing up, as he learned from his father. The Thai King, (Rama 9), is a fervent supporter of the Thai Traditional Way of using herbs and massage therapy. I am convinced that these natural, traditional methods are key to living a long, alternative way healthy for life.

I was trained as a Massage Therapist in Thailand at The Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage School and Wat Po Traditional Medical School as well as in Yoga and meditation techniques. These methods are also used in Thai hospitals to help people heal naturally. I came to the US. in ​2007 and now I live in Arizona and am now a US citizen. Through my knowledge of massage, herbs and meditation I have been helping people for years to heal and to stay healthy using nature's way.

We are honored and grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.

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